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Chix with Pix (2006-2007)

Chix with Pix (Stella Rose, Kim Jarrett, with Mike Costantino on bass, and eventually Ewan Rose on guitar), was a weekly event that brought quality original music to the beaches on Monday nights from July 10th 2006 to July 2nd, 2007.

We had a lot of fun running this event at the great little toronto beaches bar, Castro's Lounge @ 2116 Queen St. E.(@ Wineva).
We extend our thanks to the audience, to Anthony, Michelle, Audrey, Fabian, Mike and the rest of the staff of Castro's, and especially to the wonderful guest acts/performers below who helped make Chix with Pix great:

Sarah Blackwood
Scotty Blaze (percussion)
Jon Brooks
Stacy Burke
Candlelight Opera (Amanda Harris & Shawn Slater)
Chris Casserly
Sienna Dahlen
Leah Erbe
Laura Fernandez & Kevin Stock
Eric Fisher
Jeska Fodor
Four Way Flashers (Tom Desson & Tim Bovaconti)
Adam Faux
Tracey Gallant
Jess Graham
James Gray (accordian)
Vanessa Hanson
Jerry Leger
Shawn Leger (Clydesdale)
The Maevens (Kelly Burrows, Jason Lapidus, Graydon James)
Samantha Martin
Declan McGarry
Daniel McKenzie
Steven Morrison
NADJIWAN (Marc Nadjiwan & Dave Buland)
Jeen O'Brien
John Palubski
Frank Patrick
Melanie Peterson & Peter Collins
Ready Jennifer (Cleve Jones & Peter Fusco)
Redman Live (Julie Cutler & Hank Redman)
Alejandra Ribera
Mr. Christain Rogers
Ewan Rose
Monica Schroeder
Fabian Skidmore (The Clang)
Alexandra Slate
Madeleine Slate
sLip mArtin (Tim Foy, Andrew Franey, Christine Hamilton & Steve Fantaske)
Kyle Sullivan (drums)
Synthetic Folk Hero (Leon Kingstone)
Julian Taylor (Staggered Crossing)
Jace Traz BVD (Bryan Van Dusen)
Nick Vescio
Diana Zitmanis

It was a great year!


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