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reviews & quotes


“Kim & Mike... Bluesy, funky, harmonizing goodness”
Hemingway's Toronto (Toronto, ON CA)

“So Spirits Bar & Grill might be a little north for some Village devotees, but I think its weekly live music event is worth a saunter up toward Bloor."
Robyn Urback, BlogTO (Toronto, ON CA) - A guide to live music in the Village

“…always deliver an entertaining show… a way of entrancing audiences… definitely a cut above the average…”
Toronto Moon Magazine (Toronto, ON CA)

“enjoy the sweet voice and mellow vibe of this soon-to-be soft rock classic”
Women of Substance Radio (USA)

“a voice that fuses decades of pop music in a familiar and welcoming sound”
Darryl Gregory, Unsigned Underground (NY, USA)

“Kim Jarrett blessed us with a great set also. We lucked out! I gave their CD a listen also and am quite impressed”
Marco Ink, Sonic Notes – Coconut Times (Ocean City, MD USA)

“everybody loved her"
Joe Chisholm, IndieCan Radio (Toronto, ON Canada)

"Kim Jarrett writes excellent songs that showcase her outstanding voice.”
Canadian Cam - (USA)

"The straight-ahead folk/blues, pop and country influenced tunes nicely feature her clear, soulful voice, and some tasty guitar work by Tim Bovaconti (who plays for Ron Sexsmith).”
Chris Twomey - Tandem / Corriere (Canada)

"Kim Jarrett's been called natural, melodic and enchanting and I definitely think that she is all those things… I recommend this album to anyone who likes real music so that they can hear a talent on the verge."
Adam. A. Donaldson - Lucid Forge (Canada)


Other Songwriters/Musicians:

"I really liked what I heard. I thought your voice was quite soulful and the songwriting seemed very together."
Ron Sexsmith, Singer-Songwriter

''There is no question that Kim is a great songwriter. Her songwriting shows maturity, and the images she creates through her lyrics coupled with her strong vocals and music, are bound to attract attention from the industry and fans alike."
Ken Tobias, Award-Winning Singer-Songwriter/Producer/Visual Artist (Producer of the cd, Kim Jarrett)

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